Mineraalvesi – parem kui kraanivesi

Everyone knows that pure water is a liquid with no taste, colour or door. But that can’t be said about the water that Värska bottles. There are plenty of flavour nuances.
Bottled water can taste like snow or soda; it can be mild-tasting, sour, bitter, salty or sweet. Plus, there’s the question: why do more and more people around the world prefer bottled water?

There are many reasons. Unlike other beverages, water has no calories but the body cannot live without it. We should add, however, that mineral water is no substitute for a full, balanced diet.

People can survive only a short period of time without water. In many areas of Estonia, the quality of tap water is sub-par. Old and rusty pipes, and an overall drop in water consumption often cause tap water to smell and taste unpleasant and appear cloudy.

Natural mineral waters are a category of goods that may not contain any of the additives with E codes. The one exception is carbonation, which involves the addition of carbon dioxide (E290).
Consuming water with a consistent chemical makeup helps the body metabolize minerals. Consumers usually prefer water with high potassium and low sodium content, as this plays a role in helping the body rid itself of excess sodium.

Today, calcium-rich mineral waters also have a firm lease on life, as they are seen as one way to prevent osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weak and porous.

Mineral water is good for cooking. Mineral water is used to dilute drinks, make sauces and soups and even prepare baby food. True, in the last case, there are a number of special requirements established.

It is good to know that slightly saline water is the ideal beverage when the body is perspiring heavily, as it restores the salt lost through sweating. Drinking mineral water helps compensate for the fluids and mineral salts lost in perspiration.

Don’t forget that heavy water consumption is fashionable today and part of the modern lifestyle. It is especially appropriate for weight watchers as often an irresistible urge to eat something is eased by a glass of mineral water instead. It isn’t for nothing that models in particular are fond of drinking mineral water and spraying it on their skin.

And at the end of the day, it’s hard to find a better thirst quencher than cold, clear drinking water. Incidentally, mineral water hones the sense of taste and tends to make meals even more pleasurable.

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