Värska Spring Water

Värska Spring Water is an exceptionally crisp and clean natural spring water. Having a lower mineral content than Värska Originaal, it doesn’t have a salty flavour. Värska Spring Water has absorbed minerals beneficial to health over a period of tens of thousands of years, which is why it’s great to drink it every day. Spring water provides refreshment, being perfect for the whole family when it comes to quenching thirst or drinking along with food. Värska Spring Water is available as both still and carbonated.
Mineral content:
Na 2,0–3,0 mg/l
SO4 8,0-10,0 mg/l
K 2,5-3,5 mg/l
Mg 16,0-18,5 mg/l
Cl 8,0-10,0 mg/l
Ca 50,0-53,0 mg/l
The pH-level of Värska Spring Water is 7.1-7.7
The pH-level of Värska Spring Carbonated Water is 4-5
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