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About the company

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AS Värska Vesi was established on 1 June 1993. The company bottles and markets mineral water and drinking water. Värska water has been bottled in Värska since 1973. AS Värska Vesi’s main trademarks are Värska Originaal, Everin and Seto Kali.

Our vision: To be the most preferred choice on the mineral water and drinking water market.

Our mission: Quality water for your health. 

Our core values are:

1. TRUSTWORTHINESS – we treat others with respect and trust, we keep our promises

2. QUALITY – we ensure products are of stable quality

3. TRADTIONS – we are the first maker of genuine natural mineral water in Estonia

4. READINESS TO WORK TOGETHER – open to cooperation

5. CONSISTENT DEVELOPMENT – technological progress, increasing production efficiency

The company values its partners, employees, shareholders and the environment it operates in, creating stable jobs and safe working conditions for its employees.