Everin’s light and summery new look | Värska Vesi

Everin’s light and summery new look

Summer winds are bringing a refreshing change to supermarket aisles and Everin water has also been given a makeover. Clarity and simplicity are the keywords that best describe Everin water and these themes are at the heart of the packaging redesign.

Unlike other products, Everin water consumers can easily recognize which one is carbonated and uncarbonated – after all, that is often the first criterion based on which shoppers choose mineral water. The novel approach to the label is also refreshing: the printing is on the inside of the label, and based on the flavour of the water it is tinted yellow, fuchsia, dark blue or light blue. Each bottle of Everin water has its own distinct colour, which gives an entire whole shelf of water bottles a nice radiance and makes it easier to find and distinguish products.

The water with its new, mildly feminine, active makeover, is an ideal thirst-quencher whether you are out trail-running, off-road biking or at the beach with your family on a hot summer day.