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Värska Originaal mineral water vies for Juubelikuld label

Värska Originaal mineral water – which has been made for over 40 years – is a candidate for the Juubelikuld label.

At the Best Estonian Food award ceremony, the Estonian Food Industry Association will award the Juubelikuld (Anniversary Gold) to at least one product that has remained on the market for at least 20 years.

“At our competition, we always recognize new products, but we also want to make a bow to products that have been on our tables and store shelves for decades. For a product to remain on the market and among consumers’ favourites is even a bigger achievement than successfully launching an exciting, innovative product. That’s why we created a special prize for a product with a distinguished history,” said head of the Estonian Food Industry Association, Sirje Potisepp.

Every food producer has a chance to nominate one product for Juubelikuld; the product has to have been on the market without interruption for at least 20 years. Changes like transfers of ownership and mergers in the producing company do not play a role.

A board of the Food Industry Association will pick the best from among the products. The members of the board will not be allowed to vote for their own companies’ nominees.

“It’s important that the Juubelikuld award is decided by people who are able to value the work a food manufacturer has to do to keep a product going strong on the market and popular among consumers for decades – the members of our board all have longstanding experience in the food sector and are capable of shouldering that responsibility,” said Potisepp.

The recipient of the Juubelikuld will be announced at the Food Industry Association annual conference held on 22 April in Tallinn. Also to be announced at the conference is the Best Estonian Food Product and other winners of the gold labels, as well as the best regional products and the favourites of cooks, merchants, bar staff and media. This year’s winner of the People’s Favourite title will also be announced at the conference.

More information about the competition: www.toiduliit.ee/parim