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Värska Spring Water

Värska Spring Water is a natural spring water that is uniquely crisp. It has a smaller mineral content than Värska Originaal, which gives this water its pure taste. Värska Spring Water has been accumulating useful minerals over tens of thousands of years in a natural way. All the minerals come in just the right quantities that is good for your health. It is beneficial to drink Värska Spring Water every day and it provides refreshment to the whole family. The spring water is pure and untouched – great for quenching thirst.  Värska Spring Water is available as carbonated and still.

Mineral content: Na 2,0–3,0 mg/l
SO4 8,0-10,0 mg/l
K 2,5-3,5 mg/l
Mg 16,0-18,5 mg/l
Cl 8,0-10,0 mg/l
Ca 50,0-53,0 mg/l

Still Värska Spring Water’s pH is 7,1–7,7
Carbonated Värska Spring Water’s pH is 4–5

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