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Types of water

Drinking water

As a rule, drinking water is flavourless, odourless, colourless and contains no mineral or organic additives in excess of the established standards.

Table waters

Table waters contain a certain concentration of mineral components. They have their own distinctive taste and effect on the body.

Natural table waters

Natural table waters consist of some valuable mineral water diluted with natural drinking water. The natural table water category can also include spring water from a bore well that has been bottled without undergoing processing. Authentic spring water – especially pure and good tasting – has been held in high regard by people since ancient times.

Natural mineral waters

Natural mineral waters contain abundant minerals, biologically active components, ions, gases and more and they can have therapeutic properties. Natural mineral water developed over thousands of years and it is difficult to synthetically recreate all of its properties.

Natural mineral water falls into several different classifications depending on the concentration of ions. The therapeutic effect is primarily from the ions.

– Water high in hydrocarbonates helps moderate the pH of stomach acid.

– Water rich in chlorides stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretions.

– Sulphates in water restore gastric and cholangial function.

– Water high in sodium helps regulate arterial pressure.

– Magnesium rich water helps cope with stress.

– Iron rich water wards of anaemia.

All mineral waters on store shelves are not natural, however, as they are also produced through a technological process.