Seven reasons to drink Värska mineral water

1. It’s healthy. Besides tasting great, Värska mineral water restores the salts and microelements that the body loses after physical exertion. It promotes a metabolism.

2. Purity. Värska mineral water comes from a depth of 470 metres. The water is under pressure and thus the ground water is uncontaminated.

3. Naturalness. AS Värska Vesi adds nothing to its mineral water, other than carbon dioxide for carbonation.

4. Quality control. Värska Originaal mineral water has received a natural mineral water certification and the company keeps its certificates up to date. The company has a certificate stating that it complies with the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 food safety system standard.

5. Uniqueness. AS Värska Vesi is the only producer of Värska Originaal.

6. Tradition. Mineral water has been bottled at Värska since 1973. It started with a local state-owned farm, but now the operator is AS Värska Vesi.

7. Ease and availability. AS Värska Vesi markets mineral water in glass and plastic bottles. Six-packs with a handle are also available.

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