Still mineral water

Still mineral water for an active, health conscious person

Estonia’s first natural still mineral water, Värska Originaal, has reached shop shelves. This is great news to all the fans of still water, as it is a perfect companion for athletes and may be of help with many medical conditions.  

Värska Originaal natural mineral water originates from deep within the earth, at a depth of 470 metres, and contains more than two grams of minerals per litre, including sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorides. Still mineral water has no added carbon dioxide, which makes it suitable for many who don’t like bubbled water or for whom it is medically contraindicated. Still mineral water is perfectly suited for active athletes and health conscious exercisers.

Even when moderately exercising, doing physical work or staying in hot conditions, the body loses water and minerals while sweating. Drinking so-called pure water does not always help with restoring the body’s water reserves: it is absorbed quickly, but leaves the body just as quickly through the kidneys. Drinking mineral water helps to restore the body’s mineral balance.

Still mineral water is well suited as the base for a sports drink. After a period of long physical exertion the body’s supply of fluids, minerals and carbohydrates need to be restored. Mixing Värska Originaal and fruit juice in equal measure ensures that the body receives the minerals and carbohydrates it needs, and it is suitable for consumption before, during or after physical exertion.

Drinking mineral water is recommended to those looking to lose weight. Sports drinks are not suitable for those who wish to lose weight, since they contain added sugars. Due to heavy sweating, a greater than usual amount of water and minerals are lost, which is why water containing minerals should be preferred over pure water.

Värska sports drink

  • 1 part orange juice
  • 1 part still mineral water Värska Originaal

Mix together equal amounts of orange juice and Värska Originaal mineral water. Drink before, during and after physical exertion. Also try with other juices!  

*Recommendations about consuming still mineral water originate from the Tallinn University 2011 report Microbiological Analyses of Värska Mineral Water, Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Mineral Water Taking into Account the Health Aspect and Developing Recommendations on the Basis Thereof. Authors: docent Kai Künnis-Beres and docent Kristjan Port.